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“Food safety is an essential element of quality. Our Quality strategy involves everyone throughout Cormack to ensure excellence in all we do.

Over the last twelve months we have rolled out new internal quality and food-safety systems across all of our business operations. The updates reflect new learning and best practices, these standards meet, and often exceed, food and pharmaceutical industry standards.

Working with SAI Global, we have an ongoing program of comprehensive site audits to check that our standards are applied. These audits assess our facility against international standards, including ISO 9001 (quality) and FSSC22000 (food safety system certification) and we continually apply them to our daily routines.

The rigorous, independent audits take two to three days. If the plant passes each element of the assessment, it qualifies for all the international standards listed. If not, the results allow us to assess what action is needed for the site to achieve compliance, within a managed time frame.

We monitor all quality, food safety incidents and customer complaints on a regular basis with the Cormack Leadership Team, ensuring quality and food safety are a priority at the highest level.”


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