Prelude Dispensing Pump

Created specifically for skin care and cosmetic markets, the Prelude dispenser is designed to help your brand deliver on the high expectations of consumers. It features striking design merged with innovative and superior functionality. Your sensitive formulas are protected by our metal-free fluid path, patented Pure Pathâ„¢ technology, to give that extra shield needed for desired results.

Defy convention and transcend the ordinary with the Prelude dispenser.

Neck Sizes:  18.400  18.410  20.400  20.410


  • Functional:
  • Superior performing and smooth actuation with a metal free 'Pure Path' the engine ensures protection for a wide variety of high-viscosity, oxygen sensitive cosmetic and personal care products
  • Low output dispenser with piston follower airless system
  • Product Options:
  • Metal overshell, dust cover and overcap
  • Decoration includes hot stamping and metallization
  • Output Options: 0.170ml, 0.250ml
  • Colours: White, Custom


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