MAXI Trigger Sprayer

The Maxi trigger-sprayer is a professional high-performance model with a very high output of 2.2 ml per stroke.

The Maxi has an extremely robust construction, designed for constant use over a long period.  It has a long, contoured three-finger trigger to reduce the perceived force to actuate.  The trigger surface is textured for easy grip even with wet or gloved hands.

The nozzle is fully adjustable from a fine mist to a direct stream.  A foamer nozzle is also available.  A dip tube filter is fitted as standard.

The Maxi is recommended for professional, industrial and janitorial use and for all applications where a large quantity of product sprayed is required. 

Every aspect of the Maxi Trigger sprayer is highly customizable.


  • Functional:
  • 2.2ml output.
  • Product Options:
  • 28.400 neck finish.

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