Mini Curve Trigger Sprayer

The Mini-Trigger sprayer defined the fine mist trigger market. After setting that standard for design and performance the next step was to redefine the market with Mini-Trigger Curve sprayer.

Highlighted by updated aesthetics, the Mini-Trigger Curve sprayer provides on-the-go security with an integrated button lock that is both intuitive and easy to use. Beauty is also evident in performance with our Mark VII pre-compression engine.

  • Distinctive look differentiates package from traditional sprayers
  • Trigger performance and ergonomics in a compact, fun-to-use unit
  • Reduced finger fatigue compared to fingertip sprayers

Neck Sizes:  20.410  24.410


  • Functional:
  • Precompression engine that delivers exceptional spray performance
  • Variable spray outputs and integrated button lock feature
  • Patented pivoting nozzle for difficult applications
  • Output Options: 0.16ml to 0.30ml
  • Colours: White, Custom


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