Mixor HP Trigger Sprayer

The Mixor HP is perfect for a wide range of applications including lawn, garden and laundry. This sprayers feature the patented Mixor engine for peak performance.

And thanks to the smart, ergonomic design, these sprayers are comfortable in consumers’ hands.

  • The standard for high profile/high output trigger sprayers
  • Leak-proof venting
  • Preferred over competitor trigger sprayers in independent consumer studies

Neck Sizes: 28.400 and  28.400 Non Removable


  • Functional:
  • Featuring the patented high output Mixor engine for peak performance a smart, ergonomic design suited for consumer comfort and ease of use
  • Suited to a wide range of applications
  • Product Options:
  • Available in multiple nozzle applications- spray, spray/stream, spray/foam, barrel foam and door foamer
  • Additional options include child resistance, bent dip tube and shroud printing capabilities
  • Output Options: 1.0ml, 1.3ml, 1.6ml
  • Colours: White, Custom


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