TS 800 Trigger Sprayer

The TS800® trigger sprayer is a trusted trigger sprayer brand in today’s market.

  • The world's most popular trigger sprayer
  • Proven reliability, unmatched quality and excellent aesthetics

Neck Sizes  28.400


  • Functional:
  • Unparralleled design
  • Proven reliability
  • A trusted trigger sprayer in today's market
  • Designed specifically for commodity market applications without compromising quality
  • Spray stream nozzle
  • Product Options:
  • Available in multiple nozzle applications- spray, spray/stream, spray/foam, barrel foam, mesh foam, door foamer, and fine mist
  • Additional options include upside down, bi-coloured actuator, security clip and bent dip tube
  • V option
  • Output Options: 0.65ml, 0.90ml, 1.30ml
  • Colours: White, Custom


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