VELA Trigger Sprayer

The Vela trigger sprayer is a versatile, robust, all-purpose sprayer with a 1.3 ml output.

Vela is designed with user comfort in mind, with a rounded, ergonomic body style and a wide trigger shape. The trigger has a textured surface to help grip with wet or gloved hands.

With its solid construction, Vela is suitable for a wide range of uses including consumer and professional products, janitorial spraying and home and garden use. It is a “shipper” sprayer, suitable for fitting onto full bottles of product. The nozzle is fully adjustable from a fine mist to a direct jet stream. A dip tube filter is fitted as standard. A foamer nozzle is also available.

Locking system:
Vela has a locking device on the bottle cap. This prevents the sprayhead from moving once screwed on, thus increasing security against leakage during transport. Use of this system requires a minor change to the bottle neck.

Every aspect of the Vela Trigger sprayer is highly customizable.

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