Consumers take extreme pride in their homes and automotive vehicles. They want a high performing product that is easy to use but effective in its performance. High performing chemicals can react with most plastics so our products are engineered to deal with your high strength products.


Dispensing a cleaning product can require many different performing outputs for your customers; a narrow wet spray, a wide fine spray or often a foaming action to hold the product still on the cleaning surface and to avoid strong fume blow-back to your customers.


Our products are designed to sit comfortably in your hand and reduce the activation force when your customers pull the trigger as many cleaning products require long extended use by the customer.


Our products include: 

  • Triggers with Spray, Stream or Foam
  • Large Output Pumps
  • Pull/Push Dispensing Caps
  • Hinged Caps with Valves
  • Wet Sprays
  • Child Resistant Push Turn Caps
  • Flow Restrictor Plugs
  • Squeeze and Turn Child Resistant Caps
  • Venting Lined Caps
  • Disc Top Caps


Experience the difference that exceptional packaging can make for your cosmetic brand. Choose TricorBraun and let us help you create packaging that not only protects but also captivates and delights your customers.