Secure the well-being of children and the integrity of your pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and chemicals with TricorBraun's child-resistant closures (CRs). 


Designed with the utmost precision, our push and turn closures requires two distinct hand movements, ensuring child-resistant protection without compromising convenience for adults. We offer a comprehensive range of sizes, from 24mm to 3mm that are manufactured in Australia and 20mm to 110mm which we can import from our trusted suppliers. Our closures can be single or double-lined from a basic foam all the way through to double-lined with induction foil to provide tamper evidence.


We also manufacture and supply our CRs with a complex venting liner for aggressive outgassing chemical applications. For aggressive chemicals, we manufacture stock and custom Squeeze and Turn child-resistant closures. Designed for aggressive chemicals such as high bleach concentrations and auto chemicals such as engine injector cleaners our stock sizes are 28mm and 38mm necks, with other imported sizes available.


Don't compromise on safety or convenience when it comes to child-resistant closures. Trust TricorBraun's expertise and dedication to excellence. Our sales team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your packaging needs. Safeguard your products and demonstrate your commitment to safety with TricorBraun's child-resistant closures.

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