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Options of output can include a simple spray, continuous stream or a foaming output with many triggers able to give the consumer the choice of which output pattern they need from the same trigger. From cosmetic-type triggers with adjustable output capacities to robust home and garden-style units, our trigger options deliver optimal performance and reliability. With TricorBraun, you can trust that our triggers are meticulously crafted to provide consistent and controlled product application, enhancing efficiency, and reducing waste.


In addition to standard triggers, we offer a comprehensive selection of power triggers, specifically designed for heavy-duty applications. These power triggers provide increased spraying power, making them ideal for industrial settings and larger surface areas. With their ergonomic design and effortless operation, our power triggers enable comfortable and efficient spraying, saving your customer time and effort.


When you choose TricorBraun, you're selecting a trusted partner that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. Our triggers, power triggers, and hose ends are meticulously engineered and manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and durability. With our extensive range of custom and stock designs, we have the flexibility to provide solutions tailored to your unique needs.


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