TricorBraun continues to invest and grow the unique TVL family of tamper evident closures. The stock range of these closures spanning from 38 mm to 110 mm have always been first releases made in PP resins to suit particularly HDPE bottles and jars.

Gradually as the market has grown we have first added the plain core HDPE version and then further engineered and launched our wedge version also in HDPE for use mainly on PET containers. We have these commercial now in 38mm, 63 mm, 70 mm and 83 mm.

The non-wedge range in HDPE resin also incorporated the same choice for you as the customer in a very wide range of liners, mainly plain foam and double lined with foam and induction foil.

We have now completed the work to finalise both out 95 mm and 110 mm TVL closures in HDPE resin for use on PET containers. This requires a different version of the tamper band bridges and some difference in the cap sizing.

The 110 mm is commercially available now, and the 95 mm has been proven on a pilot cavity so we can move to commercial supply in a similar time it will take to have a new PET bottle made for this size.

There are many benefits to PET jars in terms of gloss, transparency and barrier properties, plus a more accurate neck than many other bottle materials and processes provide. Our wide mouth tamper evident closures have a patented band system that allows easy opening by your consumers not seen on large tamper evident caps

When you’re ready to work with your bottle supplier to move to a 95 mm or 110 mm neck finish, we can now provide you our recommended PET neck finish and some samples.

We have some very exciting news for March that will further enhance our wide mouth offer to you