TricorBraun has a wide and increasing range of basic flat caps that can be used on refill packs.

Where your premium brand has a high performing dispensing cap, dispensing pump or trigger, you can add a simple refill pack with a plain flat cap to seal it.

Some good examples in the market are packs with a wider 38 to 50 mm neck opening with a high value high performing dispensing or dosage cap on a shaped heavy wall container with a nice (but complex to mold) carry handle incorporated for the consumers ease of use. Thesewell-madepacks can last many times if refilled with the same contents.

Cormack’s range of basic flat caps is quite exhaustive, 24, 28, 33 and 38 mm. Some of these also come in not just a standard 400 finish, but also in a long skirt option.
All these caps can be lined by a wide range of common liners TricorBraun use across our range of locally made caps. We also have the option of both the 24 and 28mm of a wedge sealed option so no liner is required if you have a good consistent bottle neck.

If you’re planning a new product release and a refill pack could help expand the range for launch, please contact us for the wide range of options we can offer you.