Cormack Packaging are excited to have been appointed the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the Airlite plastics range of products.

They are specialists in devices to measure an exact dosage and have over 134 varieties in their stock range.

Scoops with a flat bottom start as small as a 9 mm bulb depth with a 0.15 ml fill all the way through to their Jumbo units with a 75 mm bulb depth and 207 ml fill level. Often the scoops can have 2 very different scoop handle lengths to better suit your particular container.

Graduated Cups come in a range from 75 mm deep and 120 ml fill up to 120 mm deep and a 475 ml fill are all stock products Round Bottom Scoops with the option of a small vent hole are ideal for products like baby formula.

The “8oz Round” is their new specific rounded edge designfor 257 ml of product with the rounding of all edges to ensure the cup does not tend to pierce any stand up pouches.

Specialty Scoops have a either a rounded mutli-level engraved fill level insidethe scoop for consumer choice on volumes, and also their novel double ended scoops with a different set scoop volumes at each end.

Measurex Customisation is a specific range that allows you easy and relatively cheaply away to incorporate your logo or special wording onto the scoop handle or to have them custom molded in vibrant colours subject to minimums.

Over Cap Lids Their range also incorporates a series of 8 diameters of LDPE flat push on lids spanning from 70 mm up to 158 mm diameter, with stocks in natural and white. K
ey to Airlites Sustainability Mantra, they are working on their plan to become a net neutral plastic producer.

This also includes the available options for you to have your products made with FDA approved post-consumer plastics, or PCR-PP (Post-Consumer recycled PP). They are fully certified as a manufacturer to both for ISO 9001-2015 and FFSC22000.

Contact us now for an option that may work for your brand and your consumers