After years of development, TricorBraun is proud to release our new 38 mm Tamper Evident and Child Resistant closure.

These have been fine tuned in the design and validation process to perform equally well on BOTH Glass bottles and HDPE/Plastic bottles. They suit the commonly used 38 mm Tamper Tell® style neck finish common in this market.

The continuous folded bands are designed so that they will be retained on the bottle neck below the tamper bead when the caps are first removed. They use a special Cormack designed tamper bridge system so that the band breaks easily from the cap band on removal. As the CR inner is formed with the Tamper band as a single piece, we can produce these with various coloured bands subject to minimum volumes. Available now with either a Natural band or with the Yellow band which is the same colour we use already on our Pharmaceutical TE caps. This yellow band is then easy to identify when it is broken on both Amber Glass and White HDPE bottles. These caps feature our new Jump Moulded non Talc filled inners that allow the caps to be fully recyclable. We are able to offer these caps with the full and extensive range of lining materials we offer on our current CR caps ranging from the basic plain polyethylene foam through many options up to the complex vented foam for harsh chemicals.

These caps have been tested to ISO8317-2015 on both Glass and HDPE plastic bottles and passed for both materials. As with all child resistant packages, you will need to have your total pack tested to ensure its compliant to the current CR protocols.

Another great advantage with these caps, is that the outer cap shell is exactly the same shape as our current 38 mm Jump plain CR caps, so they can be used on the same capping chucks on your production line.

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