TricorBraun is excited to announce the expansion of our hinged valved cap range to now include the innovative 38mm hinged flip caps with a headstand design and a 48mm outside diameter (referred to as 38/48 flip caps in the industry). These flip top closures come with a standard 6mm orifice and can be equipped with optional silicone slit valves.

These caps are particularly suitable for thin products like salad dressings, mayonnaise, and toppings. Additionally, they are well-suited for cosmetic applications such as sunscreens, moisturizers, and tanning lotions. When used with the appropriate bottle design, they provide your customers with excellent control over product flow and allow for precise pouring due to the squeezable format of the bottle.

If tamper evidence is required, we can supply the caps with induction foil seals already integrated. Previously, our range included the 38/400 single wall caps, and then made a significant jump to the large 38/55 big flip caps. The new 38/48 flip cap size fills the gap perfectly, making it ideal for typical 250ml upside-down packs. These caps have a sleek matte finish on the exterior and can be paired with liners suitable for both HDPE and PET bottles.

Each carton contains 1,100 caps, with a total of 26,400 caps per pallet.