Lest we forget

Cormack Packaging pays tribute this week to the ANZACS, the soldiers we havealt lost and the ones that continue to serve for our country.

Easter Break

altWe will be closed on Friday 18 April and

open on Tuesday 22 April.

From all the Cormack team, have a safe & happy EASTER!

Donna's Brave Hairdo

Donna Bunyan, Cormack Packaging’s Sales and Marketing Secretary, has been brave and coloured her hair


PURPLE for the Worlds Greatest Shave!




Happy New Year

 from the entire

Cormack Packaging


60 Seconds with Linden Evans

What inspired you to design the Twist and Sift package?

My mum is a fairly inspirational baker and she taught me the basics years ago.

Oh What a Night!

2011 Innovations Awards.  Congratulations Linden Evans! 

Top 20 Designs

The Top 20 Innovation Awards have been selected.

To find out who has made the cut ..... click the Read More button!!!!

Guess Who's 50

Guess who's 50?? 



Industrial Design Students are working hard in the final countdown to submit their design for the ICON, A decade of Iconic Packaging Competition for 2011.

Entries close 5.00pm Friday 16 September 2011.

For more information go to www.cormackia.com.au

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